Carbon dioxide – from climate problem to valuable feedstock

Carbon dioxide - from climate problem to valuable feedstock 1
Molecule of carbon dioxide

Many times in this blog, throughout this website, in my other website at , I emphasise that although carbon dioxide is a problematic greenhouse gas it is also a valuable resource that is available in truly vast and continually renewable quantities. What more could you ask of a resource?

Technologies exist, and more are being developed, to turn carbon dioxide into valuable products.

One excellent example is the work being carried out by the company Opus 12 based in Silicon Valley.  A video of their concept is available below.

The Opus 12 concept and process

Their process involves using electricity to convert water and carbon dioxide into a cost-competitive range of chemicals otherwise made from petroleum, such as diesel fuel and plastics, along with oxygen. Using this process would reduce the carbon footprint of the world’s heaviest emitters while at the same time creating a new revenue stream. If renewable sources of electricity are used to drive the process it becomes even more environmentally attractive. The process uses a new range of carbon dioxide-reducing catalysts.

Carbon dioxide - from climate problem to valuable feedstock 2

The technical founders of the company are out of the prestigious Jaramillo Group at Stanford University, world leaders in carbon dioxide electrocatalysis. Opus 12 was formed in 2015 by Dr Kendra Kuhl and Dr Etosha Cave, along with Nicholas Flanders, an experienced entrepreneur also from Stanford. 

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