Mango Materials – TED talk by Anne Schauer-Gimenez

Mango Materials team
The Mango Materials team

In my last blog I talked about Mango Materials using bacteria to convert methane into biodegradable plastics.

Yesterday (14th November 2018) Anne Schauer-Gimenez – Vice President of Customer Engagement at Mango Materials – published a TED Talk on YouTube – Why Every Engineer Needs to Know Something About Business.

Mango Materials

I first met Anne back in 2014 when she gave an excellent presentation on the work that Mango Materials were doing in California. There was atmosphere of excitement in her delivery which I later found extended throughout the Mango Materials company.

Anne makes a number of good points about how engineers can, and should, enter the world of business and how important is the drive towards the production of biodegradable plastics using low-cost feedstocks such as methane. 

The point she made that particularly struck home to me is the absolute need to be able to explain technical matters in a clear and understandable way to non-specialists [especially potential investors!].

That is exactly the purpose of this website.

Mango Materials is a company to watch.

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