The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication: 3-volume set 1st Edition

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Through a comprehensive collection of articles, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communicationexplores the origin and evolution of our understanding of climate change as it is presented in communication and media. Taking a multifaceted approach, the encyclopedia offers a scholarly examination of the effects of climate change communication on public opinion and policy decisions; journalistic coverage and media portrayals of climate change; communication strategies and campaigns; and the implications for effective communication, including those of outreach and advocacy efforts. Additionally, the encyclopedia reviews climate change communication research methods and approaches. Global in breadth and deeply resourced, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication serves as an essential source of perspective on all aspects of this important area of scholarship. It is led by Editor in Chief Dr. Matthew C. Nisbet, along with Associate Editors Dr. Shirley S. Ho, Dr. Ezra Markowitz, Dr. Saffron O’Neill, Dr. Mike S. Schäfer, and Dr. Jagadish Thaker.