We need to better understand climate change and global warming

Variation in global temperatures indicating global warming
Variation in global temperatures

Concern about climate change is perhaps the most important technical and environmental topic today. 

Understanding climate change is not an easy process.

Much of the information presented (e.g. the publications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC reports) is highly technical and difficult even for non-specialist scientists, let alone the layman, to interpret. Without clarity of expression the data can be ignored, denied or misinterpreted. 

Why use blogs to talk about climate change?

Keeping up to date with progress on the study of climate change and its environmental implications is very difficult.

A great deal of useful information on climate change and global warming is published each day. Much of the information is of high-quality and produced by reputable sources.  However, other information is ill-informed, ill-researched, biased or politically motivated.

Blogging is an effective way of getting information in front of people in a rapid and cost-effective way.

Each blog on this site will examine new information on climate change produced by people and organizations expert in their fields.

I will present the data using clear and mainly non-technical language. Where the use of technical terms is essential, these will be clearly defined and explained. 

Background information on the climate

The supporting web pages will provide a comprehensive background to climate change.  This should enable an easier interpretation of the new data in the blogs.

I will use images, videos and schematics as much as possible rather than pages of text.

Other sources of high-quality information

I will also provide many links to the sources of information I use and to high-quality sources of further information.

Work in progress

I have decided to launch this site now even though not all of the supporting pages are complete. This is to enable me to start the blogging process.  Further content will be added to the web pages over the coming weeks.

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