We now publish six new subscription-only Technology Updates covering:

  • Climate Change:  high-quality information on perhaps the most important topic of today. Politics free – just the data.
  • Microalgae and Macroalgae: two of the most important and dynamic industries that are revolutionising the production of so many high-value products. 
  • Photobioreactors: the lost-cost production of microalgae at a commercial scale depends to a great extent on the development of efficient photobioreactors. 
  • Anaerobic Digestion and Commercial-Scale Composting: two major and world-wide industries that are so important in recycling organic wastes and generating renewable energy.
  • New uses for carbon dioxide and methane: these greenhouse gases are increasing seen as important feedstocks for the production of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and biodegradable plastics.
  • Biorefineries:  integrating a range of microbial-based technologies to produce high-value products in a more commercially viable way.

The Technology Updates are a way of saving you time and money.

These are all subjects I work on as part of my David Border Consultancy activities. My current database of information on these topics (updated daily) contains over 21,000 items.

To keep up to date with developments in these fields I spend a great deal of time identifying, retrieving and organising relevant information.  This requires a detailed knowledge of each topic in order to separate the “wheat from the chaff” (and there is a lot of “chaff” published!). My 35 years working in commercial microbiology provide me with the required knowledge.

The Updates will be issued every two weeks and will include relevant information published in the previous two weeks.

The information will include (with links to the original sources):

  • annotated summaries of technical articles and important commercial news items
  • links to important academic reports and theses
  • links to government reports
  • links to the best videos
  • downloadable PDFs

This service is backed up by a regularly updated second database of individuals, companies, associations and research organizations that work in these areas.

Each Technology Update is offered at $98.00 (£76.00) for 26 issues (one every two weeks). This equates to only $4 (£3)/issue.

If you would like to subscribe to one or more of these updates please email me.