World Industrial Photobioreactor Challenge

World Industrial Photobioreactor Challenge 1
One form of photobioreactor

Barry Cohen, Executive Director of the National Algae Association is offering a challengeto developers to identify the best industrial/commercial microalgal cultivation systems on the market.

“Qualified third-party evaluators will be conducting on- and off-site tests of commercial algae cultivation systems in an unbiased manner to assist potential system purchasers and investors. NAA will be creating a list of comparisons. Deidentified data collected will be shared with the algae production industry.”

“NAA invites all commercial algae cultivation system manufacturers, fabricators and water process engineers in the US and throughout the world to participate in the World Industrial Photobioreactor Challenge. Testing time frames will be 6-12 months.”

I think this is an excellent way to test the commercial reality of the many designs of photobioreactors being proposed. Many designs will not survive the move from the laboratory to the commercial world. The hard, independent data generated by the competition will enable potential purchases to make informed decisions.

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